Simplify Your Workflow
From Start to End

Through StaffNet's portal, businesses can set up company profiles, add and edit employee information, populate inventory, create schedules & tasks, and produce reports.

Schedule All

StaffNet's calendar functionality provides on-the-go scheduling, keeping staff & teams up to date in real time.

Within the calendar you can create checklists, add job specification notes, upload images, assign tasks, and track your staff when they check in for their shifts.

Schedule views can be displayed daily, weekly, and monthly for employees or users.

Push Notifications &

With Push Notifications alert staff, entire or specific team members, and customers in one simple step.

Centralize communication channels with the ability to schedule messages and notifications.

Preview messages before sending to see how they'll be displayed on mobile devices.

HR & Project

View employee hours, performance, and attendance as well as receiving updates on work status and final job reports.

Project & Task

Dashboard views of scheduled tasks and progress, keep track and up-to-date or to-do/must-do activities.

The Project Management backend is suited for larger tasks requiring more time, attention and detail allowing for task prioritization and assignment.

Supply & Inventory

Maintain supply materials required for jobs and customer distribution.

Add manufacturer information and product details, as well as tracking item usage and storage locations (i.e. warehouses)


StaffNet's Client Hub feature allows for collection of lead and client contact information.

Capture additional details such as when client engagement occurred, topics discussed, and services.

List and search clients either by contact or company.

Mobile App

Schedule on the go. Employees can sign in and out on jobs sites, as well as provide completion status.

View task lists, job details, and upcoming shifts.

Receive notifications for schedule appointments or updates.

Straightforward, flexible pricing.
Plans for all business types.

StaffNet's focus is to help small to medium businesses manage their environments in order to develop and grow into successful enterprises.



1-4 users / per month

  • Scheduling System
  • Employee Time Tracking
  • Job Reporting
  • Tasks & Checklist Tracking
  • Mobile App
  • Push Notifications



5-25 users / per month

Same features as Nano plus:

  • One-On-One Program Coaching
  • HR Reporting
  • Client Hub (CRM)
  • Project Management
  • Inventory Tracking


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